"The things that excite you are not random, 

they are a part of your purpose. Follow them." 

If you've made it here you're thinking about working with me. By now you’ve probably gone through a number of Instagram pages and websites trying to find the right photographer for you! It can be overwhelming at times because there is so much beauty and love that you see in all our work. In that case, it's probably essential that you get to know a little about me.


I may not present or behave like your classic portrait, brand and wedding photographer, but I will deliver the same way; with thoughtful and emotive images that capture chapters of your life at all stages. 


Whatever it may be I want to be there for you, to celebrate the moments that matter most with you.

behind the lens



Boarding School in Zimbabwe, 1995

I am a man from humble beginnings, an enthusiast of documenting life as it happens. I enjoy peaceful and mundane things just as much as I enjoy being the joys of celebration. A self-taught photographer who is a lifelong student of photography and good vibes. 

you are more than a client and it's a lot more than just having your photograph taken. It's an experience! It's one that I want to make as fun and natural as possible. The magic you're imaging happens (yes I said magic lol) when you're being you and enjoying the moment. 

Guelph, 2016

Now that you know a bit (a lot) about me,

I'd love to get to know you! 






Southern West Ontario



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