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Cambridge Wedding Cellar 52, Ontario

hey there.

 I am all about making memories for no reason, no matter the season... just because.

  This doesn't mean I take for granted that I get to play a small role in your love story. 

You've probably heard this before but one of my mentors told me a long time ago, "Shoot what it feels like". Those words stuck with me, and I try to do this every time I shoot now, capturing moments that you can feel again when you look back at these beautiful memories. I approach photography with a mixture of candid, posed, and artistic imagery, in the end, I hope to produce images that resemble what the day and that moment felt like. 

You'll often hear me say...​

"just be you, I'll take care of the rest."

Luxury Elora Mill Wedding, Elora, Ontario

 There are so many things I could say about myself, but ultimately it's my work and energy that you're trying to get a feel for.


I asked my friends how they would describe me to someone, and they said I am a people person, I tend to put people first and then my needs after.

Another said that I talk a lot, but I am also a good listener and have a kind, warm heart, not bad eh? I didn't pay for these kind words I promise. 

let's tell your love story.

you know what  to do!

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