for the love that exists beyond the pages of books.

"its not always perfect, but that's precisely what makes it perfect!"

What's up! If you've made it here you're thinking about working with me. Three things I love, nature, laughing and good people. Things you'll typically hear me say; "just be you, I'll take care of the rest."


What I do for my clients is less transactional and more about developing a relationship that is all about providing intimate experiences, that speak to you and your world just as you are, and that matters right?

what the people are saying...



Family Session - Waterdown, Ontario

"When we received the photos from our last session I was brought to tears. Guyson captured us so beautifully, and he managed to capture some candid photos of my husband and son that were beyond my expectations.If you are looking for someone to capture both the classic poses but also get creative and capture those unexpected moments then Guyson is a perfect choice for you!"

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be you.

I'll take care of the rest.